Sunday, 29 May 2011

Caroline's Blog

Hi! Welcome to my blog! First, I want to intodruce myself. I am a Cree Native from The First Cree Nation of Waswanipi. I am married with six children who have all left the nest :( and I am a grandmother of 17 grandchildren and a great grandmother of one grandson and another greatgranddaughter who will be making her first entrance into this world in a few weeks :) Why do I feel so old all of a sudden? lol  My hobbies are: crocheting, knitting and quilting..sometimes beadwork. I realized I had a passion for Quilting just recently, I used to do it before but this time it is a different kind of passion, one of my son's say I am obsessed lol, maybe I am, I just know for me it is some kind of therapy, it soothes me when I hear the hum of my sewing machine and I used to remember sitting near my late grandmother while she was sewing, she used to ask me to thread her needle too and I used to be happy just to sit beside her, as I was very close to her, I have so many sweet memories of her. I am so thankful I still have my Mom and she still loves to make quilts too although her eyesight is limiting her to do alot more, but she still sews! I have so many blessings and I thank God for giving me the talents I can use to help someone else or just to give to my grandchildren something that makes them happy! So this is the plan I have is to make quilts for each of my children and to each of my grandchildren :) Something they can cherish long after I am gone. So there you have it, let my quilting adventure begin and you are welcome for the ride! Happy Quilting!

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