Friday, 23 November 2012

Hi! It's been awhile now I haven't been here :( So many things have been happening, busy mostly. I am planning  to post new pics of my recent quilts. But first, I wanted to thank those that commented on my blog, like I said before I am new at this and I am trying to do my best to keep posting new happeneings and new quilts! So excited since I joined Sew Sisters Blogathon! I am excited to meet other Canadian quilters just like me, that have the same passions in quilting. So I will be posting those quilts , hopefully I can do it because I have a hard time finding that button to upload photos!


  1. Hi Caro,
    What a gorgeous bunch of quilts- they will be treasured by your family for many years to come. I love star quilts don't you!
    I have made a couple of lone star quilts and one feathered star as well as a wonky star quilt. I like scrap quilts as well as a limited palette quilt- it is always fun to play in the fabrics!
    I am a teacher by profession- I teach in a school that offers Cree as a second language. I am not Cree speaking ( I teach the English component). Our students participate in cultural experiences such as traditional feasts in our school. We say a Cree prayer every morning and sing O Canada in Cree, English and French. Our students have the opportunity to learn how to pow wow dance too. I live in the large city of Edmonton and my students come from across the North of Edmonton to attend our program.
    I have enjoyed meeting new to me bloggers from different parts of Canada. It has been a fun journey this week.
    Regards from Edmonton,

  2. Thank you so much! It's always nice to hear from other quilters. Greatly appreciated!
    I have been busy making baby lone star quilts as well. I receive many requests for quilts, and whenever possible work on them. :)